Humour #10

Blanche Gardin

Marianne Content
2 min readMar 9, 2020


Oh my God, this is another excellent French comedians. Maybe the best at the moment — which I am not the only one to believe as she won two Molières in the Humour category in 2018 and 2019. Blanche Gardin has her own style: she doesn’t move at all, it’s all in the words and she emphasizes the fact that she is depressed. Whether she has built a character or whether her jokes and stories are really inspired from her life, she plays very well the totally depressed 40-year-old woman and it’s hilarious.

Indeed, her genius lays in the fact that she manages to make us laugh about horrible things happening to her. The more depressed and anxious she feels, the more we tend to laugh. We usually laugh of horror or of shock of what she just said. Why? Because she tells the truth, the unwanted truth, the one no-one dares to share and it makes us feel very uncomfortable so we laugh about it. And this is powerful and amazing: truth and laughter together are the perfect combination for connexion with others. As an audience, you leave the room as ONE because you have experienced something big there. You went through it together. I highly recommend both her shows, available on Netflix!

Enjoy! And stay tuned for future videos, coming every week!

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Blanche Gardin au Montreux Comedy Festival

For the last two years, I have been watching stand up comedy on youtube almost everyday. I have laughed, learned and laughed again thanks to a very diverse bunch of comedians. This year, I have decided to share my top favourite acts so that even more people laugh and learn!