Humour #26

Taylor Tomlinson

Marianne Content
1 min readJun 22, 2020


Taylor Tomlinson is what you would call a typical American girl in her twenties, raised in a devoutly Christian family -which features heavily in her comedy routines- and with a lot of comic potential. Her biggest strength: she is brutally honest. She tells things as they are, most of them in which we can identify with, and add a twist to them, or a good comparaison with something else and we crack up laughing. She is also very good at impersonating characters, self-deprecation, and her writing is fantastic: I have had to watch most of her acts twice to get all the subtle jokes.

Her own hour-long Netflix special, Quarter-Life Crisis, which premiered in March 2020, is definitely worth the watch!

Taylor Tomlinson on the Tonight Show

Enjoy! And stay tuned for future videos, coming every week!

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For the last three years, I have been watching stand up comedy on youtube almost everyday. I have laughed, learned and laughed again thanks to a very diverse bunch of comedians. This year, I have decided to share my top favourite acts so that even more people laugh and learn!