Humour #23

Ok, her voice is really annoying. But you get used to it and what she says is so funny that you can’t stop watching her. Her way to connect with the audience is to use her smile, her sparkly eyes and she says out loud what everyone thinks but doesn’t dare to say it. That’s why we love her. She also manages to adapt her set originally written for Americans to make it suitable for the British audience. So that we can relate to her story, from the first joke onwards. Great job!

Enjoy! And stay tuned for future videos, coming every week!

#Humour #StandUpComedy #PublicSpeaking #FailinGracefully #Goal2020

Michelle Wolf, Live at the Apollo

For the last two years, I have been watching stand up comedy on youtube almost everyday. I have laughed, learned and laughed again thanks to a very diverse bunch of comedians. This year, I have decided to share my top favourite acts so that even more people laugh and learn!



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